UTC was found in 2001 as headquarter in Taiwan, responsible for marketing , R&D, financial and intergrading the engineering & manufacturing a variety of heat sinks in different ways , including extrusion, skived, folded, stacked, press, bonded fins, die-casting and heat pipe & assembly.

2001 Press factory in Dong-Guan, China. Responsible for press parts, bonded fins, water cold plate
2001 Extrusion factory Forshan, China. Responsible for extruded parts
2004 Heat pipe factory Taiwan: heat pipes, thermal modules, stacked fins and skived fins heat sinks
2010 Die casting factory Dong-Guan, China

We have offered uncompromising flexibility and responsiveness to application specific, as well as, standard products. A market driven design philosophy, offering worldwide support for cost effective, readily producible solutions.. 
An internal, top to bottom, passion for customer service, on time deliveries and exceptional quality completes the package of a premiere world supplier.

ADDˇGNo.12-6, Lane 110, Section II, Tie-Dao Road, Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan
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